Family law is a sub-branch of civil law that deals with matters concerning the family. It is made up of judicial precedents and statutes that bid people with domestic connections. Family law is one of the hardest to interpret sections of the law. Family lawyer help settle wrangles between married couples, partners, children and those involving family members. The clauses are not direct and may pose challenges to the layman. In case of that fateful event, it is good to hire a highly experienced lawyer who understands the law inside out. That’s the only way you can be sure you stand a chance of your rights not being violated.


Family law is very diverse and has very many subcategories. It is the duty of your lawyer to explain what the law states concerning each issue that is outlined under family law. Some of the common issues that people drag each other to court are:

  1. Child adoption- a person who is not the biological parent of a child has a right to adopt a child provided the correct laws are observed.
  2. Child support- the biological parent of a child has an obligation to provide for both primary and secondary needs of the child. The payments may be made to the custodian of the child.
  3. Guardianship- happens when the actual parents of a child are not able to take care of their child.
  4. Paternity- DNA test, certificate and other documents recognized by law are used as evidence in case of disputed paternity.
  5. Divorce- this is permanent separation of a married couple on the grounds of abandonment, cruel, unusual treatment etc.
  6. Spousal support and maintenance-this can rehabilitative where the

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