Uncontested divorce is the way most people divorce. It’s simple and inexpensive, and it offers you and your spouse the chance to end your marriage quietly and with dignity.

An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties involved have worked out the important issues pertaining to the divorce, such as division of property, child custody and child support issues, without the help of the court.

Anyone has the right to file a divorce complaint without a divorce attorney. However, you should be aware that there are very important legal ramifications to any particular situation, and that the advice of a divorce attorney is always the wisest choice. You should always seek legal advice from a divorce attorney for the Drafting of Orders and/or your Final Judgment of Divorce.

If the uncontested divorce involves minor children, the case will most likely be referred to an officer of the court.  He or she will conduct interviews and recommend who will receive custody if the child(ren), what type of custody is in the best interest of the child(ren) and the amount of child support to be paid.   In the event that there is an objection to the ruling by one of the parties (the spouses getting the divorce), you will want to consult your divorce attorney to represent your legal interests. At this point your divorce is no longer uncontested.

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